Your question: Does Shakira bleach her hair?

Does Shakira dye her hair blonde?

Most of us know Shakira as a dynamo with a blonde mane.

When she first started her career in music in Colombia, Shakira had long, seriously jet black hair. … She started going blonde in the early 2000s, but made a short departure with red locks.

Why did Shakira bleach her hair?

When the Colombian singer first decided to switch up her jet-black hair, it wasn’t with the intention of reaching a wider audience: “I just wanted to see my hair a different way,” Shakira, 44, told Cosmopolitan this week. “I didn’t want to be white. I just thought my curls looked cool with a blonde, beachy style.”

When did Shakira dye her hair blonde?

In 2002, Shakira rocked a blonde and black hairstyle that showed just how roquera she was.

What color is Gwen Stefani’s real hair?

Although Stefani is always seen spotting platinum blonde hair, the singer’s real hair is actually a beautiful pale brown shade.

Is Shakira wearing a wig?

Shakira generally doesn’t seem to wear extensions. We can see during her live performances that her hair is her own, or at least appears to be. With thick hair and her signature curls, there seems little need for Shakira to add any extra hair except when it’s needed for a particular look or style.

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What type of haircut does Shakira have?

She doesn’t let us down with her sexy, shaggy bob seen at an awards ceremony in Spain. Shakira’s bob has several blunt-cut layers: bangs at eye length, a few strands staggered in around the ears, the majority ending at the neck, and a narrow section in the front that hangs to the collarbone.

What makes Shakira beautiful?

Shakira’s top beauty secret

From her makeup to her wardrobe, her style is pretty but not overthinking it. So her main beauty tip is, not surprisingly, also down-to-earth. “Wear sunscreen and smile!,” she said in her conversation with InStyle. “A good smile shows off confidence and that’s really the best makeup.”