You asked: Can you cut hair extensions with scissors?

Should you cut your hair extensions?

Extension hair will quickly blunt cutting scissors, so our advice is to use a cheaper pair of scissors and replace them regularly. We always suggest cutting all of the extension hair in one go, as opposed to smaller horizontal sections as you would a standard wet cut. Section off the back and split into 3 vertically.

Can a salon cut my extensions?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can seek out a hairstylist or professional that can help you! Aside from getting a new look, you can trim your extensions to get rid of those flyaway hairs.

How do you blend extensions to cut?

Consider the natural length of your hair as its shortest layer. Grasp part of the extensions with your fingers, then cut to the ends from the centre carefully, in a diagonal movement. While cutting, close and open the shears gently, rather than drawing them through your hair.

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