Question: What happens if you use Rogaine on receding hairline?

What happens if you use minoxidil on receding hairline?

Minoxidil works by improving blood flow to the area in which it’s applied. Apply it to your scalp and it can potentially improve hair density and increase the rate of growth. … There are also countless anecdotal cases of people with receding hairlines improving growth and increasing thickness by using minoxidil.

Does minoxidil reverse receding hairline?

However, note that minoxidil cannot reverse or move a receding hairline, nor can it regrow hair on a completely bald scalp. … Using more minoxidil or applying it more often will not improve hair regrowth results. In order to continue to stimulate the growth of new hair with minoxidil, users must take it continuously.

Can you use Rogaine on your whole head?

No. Unfortunately, minoxidil does not work on a receding hairline and is approved for use on the “vertex” or the top of the scalp only. Also, once hair loss covers too large an area and persisted for too long, minoxidil is less likely to be beneficial.

Can you get a receding hairline at 14?

It’s possible for teenagers to experience patchy hair loss, thinning hair, or pattern hair loss depending on the underlying cause. If hair loss is caused by an underlying medical condition, you may experience a number of other symptoms along with hair loss.

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