Is Blue Magic coconut oil good for your hair?

Is Blue Magic good for hair growth?

Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress

Blue Magic is a super growth hair oil. It is a scalp conditioner made from shea butter and jojoba oil. Blue Magic repairs split-ends while preventing further damage. … Promotes a healthier hair and scalp condition.

Is Blue Magic coconut oil good for curly hair?

This is a good quality heavy coconut oil if you have really dry hair or your hair is natural curly or wavy. It will help to prevent the breakage associated with dry, natural curly or wavy hair.

Does Blue Magic really work?

4.0 out of 5 stars Works on most surfaces. I saw this on bid tv and for the price decided to give it a try, it worked well for most everyday cleaning jobs but if you want to clean your sofa or burnt on grease off a cooker hob give it two applications and make it a stronger dilution 180ml.

Is Blue Magic bad for natural hair?

Does Blue Magic work well with natural hair that is not relaxed? Blue Magic will work well on both relaxed and natural styles. All of the products work well on course or multi-textured hair. The shampoo and conditioners work well on all hair types.

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Does coconut oil actually help hair?

In addition to being good for your scalp, coconut oil also moisturizes your hair. Since it’s easily absorbed, it works better than other oils at repairing dry hair. Keep in mind that coconut oil alone may not be effective as a shampoo to cleanse hair, but as a pre-shampoo treatment, it will condition hair.

What hair type is best for coconut oil?

Typically, those with fine to medium shiny hair will see good results from coconut oil and notice stronger, shinier hair with more volume. Those with coarse or dry hair may not struggle with low protein at all and coconut oil may lead to more brittle hair and hair loss.

What is Blue Magic hair conditioner?

Blue Magic Conditioner/Hair Dress is formulated to give effective hair conditioning for days without being greasy. Keeps hair natural and lustrous. Promotes a healthier hair and scalp condition. Use as often as you like. Made in the USA.

Does greasing your hair help grow?

No, it does not. Hair grease tends to clog the hair follicles, inhibiting growth of new strands. As with most chemically formulated products, it helps with maintaining your hair length. One way to grow hair is to apply all-natural hair growth treatments such as those found in Hair Growth Ninja.

Does Blue Magic remove limescale?

Limescale, mildew, and mould are the ruination of a pristine bathroom take a small amount of the Blue Magic Paste on a damp cloth and clean away. After cleaning rinse of with clean water to remove powder residue.

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