How do you tone down pink hair?

What color neutralizes pink?

Keep it neutral Combine pale pink checks with a pale neutral color like cream, ivory or beige. When decorating around dark pink tiles, choose a deeper neutral like brown, taupe or chocolate.

Can I dye over pink hair?

For removing pink, you can use either a direct dye remover or a common bleaching procedure. But better always ask your hairstylist what option to prefer. Never apply green dye over the pink hair! This will result in quite a gross color you would not like to have on your head.

How do I fix bleached pink hair?

Use More Bleach. More bleach might be your best option if your hair is still very pink after the clarifying shampoo. You may not be too excited to do this after what just happened, but it’s the best fix. The bleach didn’t turn your hair pink.

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