Can you use normal conditioner on hair extensions?

Can I use conditioner on my extensions?

Hair extensions need gentle cleansing. If possible, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo gently with your head tilted backwards so that the water runs down the length of the extensions. … A leave in conditioner will help to protect your extensions and seal the hair cuticle.

What products should you not use in hair extensions?

What Not to Use on Hair Extensions

  • Sulphate shampoos. First and foremost, don’t use sulphate shampoos on your clip in hair extensions, or any extensions for that matter. …
  • Bleach. Bleach is also a product not to use on clip in hair extensions. …
  • Normal bristle brushes. …
  • Products containing alcohol.

Can you use normal shampoo and conditioner on hair extensions?

Step 3: Use normal shampoo and conditioner

We have some Additional Lengths hair extension hair care products available on site, including a shampoo and conditioner which have been formulated to cleanse and improve the texture of your hair.

What are permanent hair extensions?

Permanent hair extensions are extensions that are meant to stay in the hair for an extended period of time and in most instances are installed and removed by a salon professional.

How often should you oil hair extensions?

Extensions do not get the oils from our scalp like our natural hair does, be sure you are applying the oil I’ve recommended to you at least 1-2 times per day… usually after styling(so the oil doesn’t heat up) and then at night time during your braiding so it soaks up into the hair while you get your beauty sleep.

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Can I put oil on my hair extensions?

The truth is hair oils are absolutely beneficial to your hair as well as to your extensions when applied at the midshaft all the way to the tips. Just keep in mind not to apply them at the roots or at the weft bonds or else the microbeads or adhesives will break faster.

Can you leave hair extensions to dry naturally?

The best way to dry hair extensions is to let them dry naturally. This isn’t always ideal because of the added time needed to air dry when you have put extra layers of hair on your hair. Very gently towel dry your hair by patting it with a soft towel after washing.