Can I lighten my hair at home?

Can you lighten your hair with home dye?

You cannot lighten hair color with hair color, BB’s. That is what bleach is for. If you have ANY kind of artificial hair color in your hair, permanent, semi permanent, henna, etc, you CANNOT lighten it out with box dye in a lighter shade.

Can I lighten my dark hair at home?

But for a subtle lightening effect, you can totally DIY with a few products you might already have at home. Natural hair lighteners such as honey, lemon, and apple cider vinegar can all help lighten the hair naturally and gently without risk of damage.

How can I lift my hair color at home?

Lifting hair color at home is effective and more gentle on the hair and scalp. Wet the hair with water and lather with clarifying shampoo. Massage the shampoo into the hair from roots to ends to create a thick lather. Leave the clarifying shampoo on the hair for a few minutes, as it works to remove and lighten color.

Can you lighten black hair without bleach?

However, if your hair is naturally black, you can immediately go into the process of lightening the hair without lifting any previous dye—though, the hair can only lighten so much without bleach, and your colorist will probably recommend you do so in order to get noticeable results.

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