Are Foxy Locks hair extensions good?

How long do Foxy Locks extensions last?

Our extensions are the finest quality human hair, so they last as long as you want them to. If you look after your hair it is not uncommon for Foxy Locks extensions to last up to a year. If not treated well they will need to be replaced every three-six months. The more you look after them the longer they will last.

Are Foxy Locks real hair?

Foxy Locks are 100% human Remy hair – this is the highest quality hair on the market. All the cuticles of the hair are running in the same direction which means they are tangle free and silky soft to touch!

Can you straighten Foxy Locks hair extensions?

Most hair extensions today, such as the ones we offer here at Foxy Locks, are made of real human hair. … If you’re hesitant to straighten their hair extensions, thinking that you might damage it, don’t worry––it’s totally acceptable to straighten your hair extensions.

Which hair extensions are the least damaging?

While clip ins are by far the least damaging type of hair extensions, this is because they aren’t installed permanently and they also offer your hair some rest from too much styling, tape in extensions offer a more natural look and a more seamless blend, as do micro ring extensions.

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Can I dye my Foxy Locks extensions?

Want to try something new with your hair extensions? … It’s super easy to do with your Foxy Locks hair extensions! As each of our clip in hair extensions and clip in ponytails is made from premium-grade Remy human hair, they can be dyed, washed and styled just as you would your natural tresses.

What is the best hair extensions for fine hair?

Tape hair extensions

Tape extensions are the best type for fine hair. Their flat bond offers a natural look that is easily blended in even the thinnest of hairs. Wefts are sandwiched between the natural hair and are secured in place with polyurethane tape secured close to the root.